Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Men of MNS(Mahrashtra Navnirman Sena) beating lower class north Indians and wat i cudnt believe its 2008. A democratic like India where one has a right to move to any place in India no matter where he is from is being voilated by some handful rouges on the street of Mumbai and that too bcoz of irresponsible statement by just one man and who wud have rather been a voice of young India. Its simply shameful. Raj.
Mumbai has been always of the middle class and wat it doesn’t ask is the language it only respects the work u do bcoz its always workin in Mumbai and never stopping. Get back to the starts of this century we thought of India shining and visions of 2020 were on track but this all shatters them all. It would be too often to say that we have to unite.
The mentality is still not mature enough to go thru. Who says unity in diversity is prevailing in India? Kashmir is always an issue, Gujrat is never to be solved, Ayodhya has been of utter prominence to political parties as it helps them to grab on the vote bank, Tamils still fight over the Hindi issue now Assam too gets involved Punjab rebellion was luckily kept down at time. I wonder unity in diversity refers them as to unite on creatin issues even when they are dat diversified.
It was just shocking to see the spokesperson of MNS live on screen threatening .Raju Shrivastav a popular comedian not to speak on this matter bcoz he too isn’t from the same state or linguistically different. He was on screen criticizing media dat wat they show is just the wrong deed wat there men do. Justifying further he asks media to show wat gud there people do but in process he forgets dat he is just trying to cover the whole matter blaming upon the media. I fear India is not shining. Neither is it progressing. Rather scenes like this aids to retardation and no sooner if this continues India wud be a group of states divided on various issues and tried to be governed by a central body.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Try and Match anything for the following:

T-20 World Cup, Final Encounter, India vs Pakistan, nerves at the highest degree as it can be and the match is in its final over. Six balls to go twelve runs to get and suddenly a six of the second ball of the over. Almost a heart blasting out situation and the next ball Misbah the Paki batsman plays a shot out of the cricketing books and the Indian fans think the match has ended for them but then just a second later the crackers go on as the ball lands safely in the hands of the Indian pacer Sreesanth. India win this (less to say just nail biter) match by just 5 runs. History is embossed and it is the beginning of a new cricketing era.
As the Little master Sunil Gavaskar said the level of cricket we have watched it isn’t India who has won or the Pakistan who has lost but it is the cricket which has won. The words aren’t pleasing to be heard from a man who had the record of a 32 run not out stand in a 60 overs one dayer following with his words that the new format is comparatively new to him and would take of the noble out of the game. Perhaps he was right at that time.
Cricket is believed to be a Gentleman’s game with first ever format of test cricket of five days , with the next version as 60 overs one dayer and moving next to a 50 over format and now this T-20 . Isn’t the game is losing on time espoused with quality? The great cover drives, on drives, straight drives have been deoxygenated these days. Birth of shots like reverse sweeps, slog hits over mid wicket or an awkward sweep over a fine leg fielder to a fast bowler has took place. Players like the great Sir Don Bradman would have probably found it difficult to accompany this format of the game with his classic style.
We have had nearly 400 sixes hit in the whole of the T-20 world cup this time. The game is certainly getting harder for the bowlers. Spinners have almost no part to play in the game. We could see nearly every spinner getting a whack from the batsman leaving away a few exceptions. We saw 50 of 12 balls and 260 scored of 20 overs. You got to say excitement was guaranteed but this excitement has take the soul out of the game. It’s the viewers who have won and the cricket which has lost to it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Being Democratically Global

I was flabbergasted by the statement of Suresh Kalmadi the whole sole of the Indian Olympics Council abbreviated as IOC that ‘What good would the Asian games be for India?’ The result was that we lost the acknowledgement of being the host for the same. We had one chance just reaching the expertise in the globalized world and we lost it just because of some big mouthed stuff by some of the higher official. I wonder what kind of gap is to follow in the economy between India and China when China will host the next Olympics. A communist country like China is ready to except this globalized world and a democratic; secularist country like ours is still behaving conservative.
We still shout on the multinationals coming in India but never speak about overpowering them. I would just like to quote an example here. NIKE means victory; it also means a type of expensive sports shoes. In the minds of the anti-globalization movement NIKE stands for victory of a western footwear company over the poor and dispossessed. It is the symbol of unacceptable global triumph of global capital.
Often sold for many times more than the wages of the worker who makes them, NIKE shoes are hate objects more potent, in the eyes of the anti globalists, even more than the McDonalds hamburger. If you want to be trendy these days, you don’t wear NIKEs; you boycott them.
So I was interested to hear some not only praising NIKE sweatshops, but also claiming that NIKE is an example of a responsible business and that someone was the ruling communist party in Vietnam. Today Nike has around six times more workers in Vietnam than in U.S.
In truth the work looks tough and the conditions grim, if we compare Vietnamese factories with those in the west, but that’s not the comparison these workers make. They compare the work with NIKE with the way they lived before, on the way their parents and neighbours still work.
Ten years ago when a small factory of NIKE was established in Vietnam, the workers had to walk to their factories, often for many kilometers. After three years they could afford bicycles. Another three years down they could afford scooters. Today NIKE’s first workers could afford to buy even a car.
I would refer same as the case in India too. Why do we yell always for the multinationals? Why don’t we ourselves seek betterment? We are capable of producing a competitive market even while the western competitors march in. The thing to be thought about is why still we are the third world. Its time when we identify ourselves on this new accessible platform provided.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Apprehension unjust

To describe apprehension of greatest degree how would it be to spell the word EXAMINATION? Bulls Eye! Try to remember the last examination/combat u had. Have a look at ur hands. Have the hairs on ur hands eyed up from the roots having heard this word? Don’t worry it is not an extended version of any kind of what we spell as phobia. It is just an obvious expression I would say u have had.
I am an engineering student and a normal one who enjoys his college comes home and enjoys what he had at the college within his circle when he is not in their and lives happily within himself. College for me is just another amusement park where u pay thousands of bugs to cherish out the best moments of ur life, but just one sting spoils out this routine ‘THE EXAMINATION’.
A month before the examination, it all starts with the study of course to be studied. Then it comes on to the workstation where all things (studies) are to be done. Then the armory (i.e. the stationary including the books and guides we do have) is collected in the arsenal. The workstation is cleaned and as they say a study atmosphere is tried to be created within. Things are cleaned as if it is not a study place rather an automotive station where things may get disturbed if they aren’t cleaned and when this all is over we look up and see the calendar which alerts it as 20 more days to go.
This is the time we start up scheduling jobs, allotting techniques with which study is to be done chalk down the plans and then realize in doing so we have 10 more days to go. Hastily we shut aside the plans dump out the sophisticated books and pen down to the Indian writers and seek their help in achieving those crucial 35. In the papers we search for the questions which we can best do and have a go at them and once we attempt the amount of questions which are barely necessary to cross the Barbarian border we feel ‘Mission accomplished’.
I sometimes wonder why I am satisfied even when we do satisfactorily well by just mugging down things. What good this knowledge would this do to my technical skills but this all is obscured by time and I further again get involved in the easier life I am leading.